Team KPS
Boarding Facilities

The school aims at providing an a warm ,safe and secure atmosphere where a child is comfortable yet independent in a few areas. Discipline and safety are the healm of our residential policy empowering children to stay organized and take ownership for their belonging and the daily regime. Our facilities are supervised by in house teachers who regularly monitor, nurture and support the emotional, academic and holisitic well being of a child’s development. Hygenic rooms with aqeduate facilities and personal needs are provided with utmost care .

Students have supervised study time, extracurricular activities after school with access to indoor game rooms and library. A spacious dining hall that serves a healthy, tasty, organic and a balanced diet all 3 times a day including snacks prepared in a well monitored hygienic cuisine best suited for children’s nourishment needs.

Fine Dining

Our signature recipes combine a long-standing tradition of India with innovative dining programs.We provide both vegetarian and non- vegetarian options from Indian to western cuisines for a fine dining experience.

At KPS, freshly grown and high quality ingredients cultivated by local farmers are served for children. Our daily consumables of vegetables, milk, fruits and meat are sourced from local vendors allowing us to maintain high standards in the quality of food that we aim to provide, keeping in mind and adhering to the standard nutritional policies.

Any allergy concerns or special dietary requests due to health issues will be addressed to accordingly if informed to us in prior. Menu changes and healthy cooking ideas are always welcome!

Sporting Facilities

KPS gives utmost importance to sports.It's not just sports here,it’s a way of life to increase confidence,mental alertness and self esteem.We offer a wide range of both indoor and outdoor sporting activities for children of all ages, both during and after school hours. Children are allowed to make choices from games / activities keeping in mind their welfare guiding them to develop their potential and skills in the sport of their choice. The choices of the adventures to choose from are :

  •  Soccer
  •  Athletics
  •  Yoga
  •  Basket ball
  •  Cycling
  •  Cricket
  •  Table tennis
  •  Chess
  •  Carrom
Health Facilities

Facilities for nursing of common routine ailments and accidents are available 24×7. Routine check up camps are conducted through authoritative bodies to ensure adequate care is taken care of. A well bedded infirmary is available on campus for any emergency treatments and first aid. Doctors are available on call 24*7 for emergency and check ups.

Transport Facilities

Safe and enjoyable commute is provided through school run buses. Students will be picked up and dropped at designated points around their residence location for a hassle free commute to and from school. Students and parents are kindly requested to adhere to transport rules and keep timing to help facilitate a commendable journey within the given time frame of travel.A memorable journey with friends everyday to remember for a lifetime.

Vice Principal

Team Management

Senior Management Team

The founders and the senior management is represented by the professionals from various walks of life with international exposure and industry connects. The founders and management team are highly qualified and share vast experience in education sector. They have the zeal and enthusiasm to create a meaningful difference in the lives of children by offering world class international education at affordable cost.

Academic and Administrative Management team:

Corporate level services provide additional support to the Heads in the areas of Finance, IT systems, Accreditation/Authorisation, Professional Development, Recruitment and Marketing. Principals, coordinators, and academic leaders ensure that regular meetings are held to see that curriculum articulation, planning and review, instructional standards and assessment are systematically carried out.

Our Team

KPS recognizes that benign goals are best achieved when the school provides an environment in which students practice core values along with the fulfillment of emotional and social needs for one and all. This happens through reading and reading right! Our Resource centre facilitates the right atmosphere for this kind of empowerment as the library enables them to learn how to research, explore and gather information related to their learning. The Library book collection includes a variety of journals that caters to all ages and varied interests ranging from basic knowledge bands to encyclopaedias. A selection of magazines takes into account the best in varied fields of interest and encourages users to access them freely.


Technology has revolutionized the way we work and is now set to transform education. True to the notion, KPS houses the latest Computer Laboratory with over 60 computers designed to meet the student's information technology needs. With an excellent set of IT expertise, the student's ever growing curiosity and creative is well taken care of Children to learn computer skills that are essential for their day to day life, inturn making them independent researchers and learners in the field.

Science Labs

Exclusive Labs for Physics,Chemistry and Biology are provided for Hands-On experience. Various experiments and demonstrations are designed and effectively implemented through scientific discussions. Children are enabled to create their own experiments under expert guidance and supervision.