Field Trip - Park
Field Trip - Aquarium
Field Trip - Bird Sanctuary
Field Trip - Farm House

"During play, kids stretch their imaginations. They create make-believe games or get lost in pretend worlds. Children act out different solutions while boosting their confidence. They make their own rules and learn how to follow or adapt those rules as needed."


KG Children enjoy free play in the park in Mayanur

An aquarium provides kids with knowledge – It creates great memories while you sit with them and explore the wonders of an aquarium. It inspires cognitive development, sparks kids imagination and improves their social and emotional skills – A delightful visit to Mayanur Aquarium

Visit to Bird Sanctuary was a wonderful experience for the kids. They had a very good time and enjoyed a lot. 

One day “field trip – Out door learning environment” was arranged to a farm house. Kids came to see the farm animals, few water living animals and different types of plants. They were explained about their natural habitats, adaptations, eating habits etc., It was a good out door learning experience for the kids.